Although our Pastors, Drs. John & Kisia Coleman had been serving in ministry for almost 20 years, with permission from their pastor they launched a weekly Bible Study on May 14, 2005. Months later, with a whole lot of faith the church was birthed and had its official grand opening celebration on Sunday, January 8, 2006. The vision of this Word-based Christian church is for all those that commit to the fellowship of its assembly be empowered so that:

  • Their personal lives are perfected
  • Their talents and abilities are ignited
  • Their individual visions unfold
  • Their leadership qualities are unleashed and
  • Ultimately their callings and ministries are launched for the building and advancing of God's Kingdom here on earth.

A Special Note from Drs. John & Kisia Coleman

We believe that this is not just a time for change but it is "the time" for change. The dance has begun. The party is happening and the people are ready. We are determined that Jesus will be celebrated at this party. He will get the last dance and those who see and hear will clap for joy as the nations bow to a new sound and reverence a new way of life. - A life of purpose! A life of abundance! A life of joy!

No other generation has been privileged to host such a party. We are honored with this responsibility and welcome you to join us as we celebrate Jesus. Preach for Him! Teach for Him! Live for Him! Thank you for visiting our site today and please come again!

Dr. John Coleman's Bio

“Many call him the Mail Man because of his on point prophetic delivery of the Word of God; to others he’s an anointed vessel with a “right now” word for a prepared people…”

Dr. John D. Coleman is declaring the Word of the Lord during this time; a time in which he has labeled “the changing of the guards.” He was called by God at the age of 17 and was licensed and ordained at the age of 19 under the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, (P.A.W.). Dr. John has an AA Degree in Business Management from Phillips College; a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry with an Emphasis on Biblical Studies, a Master of Arts in Christian Education and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Ministry from Midwest Christian College & Seminary.

Dr. John has a mandate to bring a realization to the body of Christ that it is God’s desire for His people to establish a relationship with Him instead of a “religion-ship.” He is playing a pivotal part in reaching this generation and equipping them to activate the gifts within them. A cloud of testimonies including financial and healing miracles have manifested as a result of his ministry.

His most recent book The Chambers of Chenaniah - 12 Foundational Truths to Praise & Worship is proving to be a hit among true worshipers as well as worship teams throughout the body of Christ. His first book, Power Points to Prosperous Living, has a popular point: “There are two types of people that come in your life;those that inspire you and those that expire you.”

He has traveled and preached locally, nationally and internationally yet he is committed to his family and church, Kingdom Church Int’l. North and South., a non-denominational, charismatic assembly in which he and his wife are both founders and pastors in the south suburbs of Chicago as well as the inner city. Their vision for both of these locations is to empower God’s people for Kingdom living and Kingdom advancement in the earth.

Dr. John and his wife, Kisia, live in the Chicagoland area and are the proud parents of five children, two boys and three girls which include two orphaned nieces and a nephew: Christian, Kennedy, Ca’Koia, Rain and Jream (Jesus Rules Everything Around Me).

Dr. Kisia Coleman's Bio

Dr. Kisia Coleman says, “I love ministry! I love what ministry does to and for people. The services, the messages, the worship, the fellowship, and most of all THE IMPACT! And I just want to play a part of making that impact happen!”

In 2003, Dr. Kisia received her Masters in Ministry from Midwest Christian College & Seminary. She later became a teacher in the college where her focus was in Leadership Training. In 2011 she was conferred an Honorary Doctor of Divinity from the Institute for Christian Works Bible College and Seminary, an accredited institution by the World Council of Postsecondary and Religious Education. She is a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel and is recognized under the authority of New Light Christian Center Church & The Association of Independent Ministries of Houston, Texas. She is the 2012 and 2013 recipient of the A.I.M. Literary Award. Dr. Kisia has received numerous other awards and recognitions as well.

Dr. Kisia has served executives and CEOs as a Personal Assistant in various fields including, the health-care, legal, financial and religious arenas, however her greatest joy is serving in ministry! In January of 2006, working along side her husband, Dr. John Coleman, she began pioneering Kingdom Church International, affectionately known as KCI by its members. As founders of this non-denominational, multicultural community of believers, their mission is to empower God’s people for Kingdom living and advancement in the earth! The church has two locations; one located in the South suburbs of Chicago and the other on the Southside of Chicago.

Additionally, Dr. Kisia’s responsibilities include: Executive Administrator, Special Events Director and the founder of M.O.D.E.L. (Mentoring Our Daughters & Equipping Ladies), a ministry for women and The Princess Paradigm, a mentoring ministry for girls. In February of 2000, Dr. Kisia began a Women’s Prayer Ministry of Intercession (P.O.W. W.OW. – Pray on Woman, Woman of Wisdom); which is a one hour daily phone intercessory prayer line. Their motto is, “Everyday we pray!” For years intercessors have been gathering together everyday at 5 am on the weekdays and 7 am on the weekends to bombard the heavenlies with intercession

Dr. Kisia is the author of The DO IT Mandate - Defeating the Delays to Destiny book and workbook, The DO IT Book Writing & Publishing Manual & Kit and The DO IT 6 Week Book Writing & Publishing Online Course. She is a Certified Master Life & Leadership Coach and conducts personal and group coaching through her DO IT Empowerment Coaching Series.

Dr. Kisia is an innovative visionary and a straight-talking communicator. She is proving her paradigm of being a Christ-like model to others through serving is what greatness and success are really all about. She and Dr. John live in a suburb of Chicago and are the proud parents of five children which includes two orphaned nieces and a nephew: Christian, Kennedy, Ca’Koia, Rain and Jream (Jesus Rules Everything Around Me).