Make payments for less with Intuit Payment Network.


You have the option of making a SECURE donation through your BANK ACCOUNT or with your CREDIT CARD. Once you click on the Donate Button you will be directed to Intuit Payments Secure Online Center.

If you see Invoice/Reference # you can skip it or simply indicate what the donation is for. Example: Tithe, Offering, Building Fund, etc. You can also make comments later during the transaction which may include submitting your address or other contact information that you wish to be included on the donation envelope that will be processed on your behalf.


Tax Deductible Donations

Kingdom Church International is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donations are fully tax deductible. Contribution reports are always made available in January or upon your request. Thank you for supporting The Kingdom!

Note: By clicking on the DONATE Button your transaction is secure through Intuit Payment Services encryption.

You will have access to your donation receipt after final submission. Kingdom Church International's Financial Department will log your donation in our Accounting software program.

For questions or concerns email us: or call 708-872-8KCI.